Take a listen to some sounds I made. They’re available for purchase, at prices you and I will both be comfortable with. 

These Are Farts
7.50 10.00

216 separate files of completely original yet hauntingly familiar fart sounds that will add ripe, satisfying definition to your every soundscape. (44kHz/16bit WAV files)

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Strange Moods
5.00 10.00

In this collection, you’ll find over an hour of perfectly-loopable, atmospheric audio. Inspired by such games as Limbo, No Man’s Sky, and Badlands, all 69 files are drag and drop ready. (44kHz/16bit OGG)

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Human Interface

I made these sounds with my mouth, dried them off, and shined them up for your use! In this package, you’ll find 221 polished sound effects to use for all manner of user interface. (96kHz/24bit WAV)

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Squeaky Toys

From rubber bones to cloth dogs, from giant flamingoes to bathtub ducks of varying pitch, these 180 files include 19 different squeaky toy sounds. (96kHz/24bit WAV)

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Welcome in Builder Game - A special sonic tribute to the exploration of the world of crafting games. Take this tidy sound pack on a fun, cartoon adventure and you'll be backpacking with sounds and effects that your audience will love & enjoy

625+ Stereo Files, 96kHz/24bit Audio

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I’ve packed this library with funny sound effects, musical cues, item pick-ups, high energy alerts and more. Vibrant Game can kick the audio component of your project squarely into the happy zone.

503 Stereo Files, 96kHz/24bit Audio

Buy: Epic Stock Media | A Sound Effect | Sonniss