If we met in real life, I would shake your hand and say, “My name is George Hufnagl. It’s great to meet you!” And it would be great, because meeting new people is great, and names are great, and you’d tell me yours, and we’d be off to the races. Or wherever! You would describe your interests and concerns (I would let you go first), and then I’d explain my passion and experience working with game developers, live performers, toymakers, writers, and other creative people. If we hit it off, which I bet we would, we might share ideas, throw most of them away, but then find that one idea that just…you know. We’d nod. You’d say “Whoa.” I’d say, “Yeah.” Then we’d talk business. I’d be like:

  • SO, I DO SOUND DESIGN. That includes sound effects, user interface audio, ambient tones, whooshes of all types. Basically I can help you create a great user experience for the audience you want to reach.
  • I’M A COMPOSER. From catchy, melodic hooks to upbeat backtracks, I excel and delight in creating music that’s playful and fun.
  • DIALOGUE EDITING? Yep, I definitely do that! Whether you need something simple like removing pesky pops and spit, or something more challenging like getting rid of room tone, I'm here to help make your dialogue sing (not literally, of course).