If you have a project that you want to breathe sonic life into but aren't sure how audio can help, no problem! From pre-planning to post-production, I can assist in setting up a sound design plan for your project. We will discuss your project's goals, how audio can enhance those goals, and what the best course of action is for your time and budget constraints. Sound like a plan? Let's start talking

If collaborating with a sound designer is a new experience, several questions may arise or you may not even know which questions to ask. With 6 years of professional experience in interactive media, I have solidified these core principles that help make the collaboration process more fluid and productive:

  1. Bring in a sound designer early – The sooner you include audio in the conversation, the more robust your design, tools, and implementation process can be.
  2. Include sound as part of the design – When audio is made integral to a project’s development, the sound design will not only enhance the product, but can drive design elements and user experience.  
  3. Audio is more than sound effects and music – While these elements are essential to a user’s core experience, consider ancillary factors, such as recording, voice over, tools development, implementation, and iterating.
  4. Develop a language for communicating sound needs – “Less whoosh,” “more impactful,” “fluttering” – sound is an abstract medium, so establishing an understanding with your sound designer is key to fostering a healthy working relationship.
  5. Allow the sound designer creative latitude – When given the opportunity to improvise on a design, the sound designer may surprise you with their imagination and take the project in new, compelling directions.
  6. Consider sound design from a holistic point of view – Think of how the elements comprising the sound scape are connected not only to themselves, but to a project’s overall form. 

When I was brought into to help SushiGrass developer, Jacob Van Order, with his app PowerUp, these principles helped guide us through the process and resulted in a successful launch. Read the case study for how this came to fruition