If I were to meet you in real life, I would shake your hand and tell you “My name is George Hufnagl. It’s great to meet you!” And it would be great, because meeting new people is great. The conversation would naturally lead to how I delight in working with game developers, live performers, toy makers, writers, and creative people of varying bents .  If we hit it off, we might share ideas and laugh at all the silly ones, but then we’d land on something special. True story. Here's how I can help:

  • SOUND DESIGN: sound effects, user interface audio, ambient tones, audio editing - I can assist in crafting a great user experience for the right audience.
  • MUSIC: from a catchy, melodic hook to an upbeat back track, I love creating whimsical, playful music with a heavy dose of levity.
  • AUDIO CONSULTING: Whether in pre-alpha or post-production, I can serve as a guide through your sound design decisions. READ MORE ABOUT AUDIO CONSULTING.

Light-hearted, silly, humorous collaborations are what I adore most. Whether overt or subversive, comedy in sound design is a powerful tool that permeates my aesthetic approach. If you want to start a conversation, please contact me to begin our own collaboration.